Psychotherapy for the Heart, Mind and Soul

“Trauma symptoms (dissociation, numbing, chronic anxiety, flashbacks) and performance anxiety (sports block, stage fright, fear of public speaking) all originate in unprocessed trauma. . .

When a person is traumatized, the brain is overwhelmed and its ability to process information breaks down. The trauma--the moment of terror and powerlessness--gets stuck in the brain, leaving the person feeling as if part of him/herself is frozen in that moment, unable to move forward.

Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treatment method that releases core neurophysiological components of the trauma, enabling the person to realize that the traumatic event is over. By following a “Brainspot”--the eye position of movement associated with the activation of trauma-related brain mechanisms--while clients mindfully attend to their emotional and somatic experiences, the therapist can release emotions that typically are out of consciousness. Once the traumatic block is cleared away, the desired breakthrough--a feeling, an ability, a solution, an identity--comes naturally and quickly.”


David Grand-  originator of Brainspotting